Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Longtime Sheriff’s K9 Passes Away

Sheriff Mitch Ralston Reports:

Sheriff Mitch Ralston regrets to announce that longtime K9 ‘deputy’ “Eros” has passed away. Eros, a German Shepherd, retired from service in December, 2020 after 5 years on patrol with his partner/handler Deputy F.D. Pullen. Eros was specially trained to sniff out illicit drugs, as well as tracking humans. During his time on patrol, Eros was responsible for hundreds of searches/arrests, and well as tracking fugitives and lost persons. After retirement, Eros continued to be a member of Deputy Pullen’s family, and was beloved by Dale and his children. Eros was an “ambassador of goodwill” at public canine demonstrations and in our schools. Deputy Pullen said, “Eros was an amazing partner, an amazing family member who never met a stranger, and we particularly enjoyed educating young people about law enforcement, and the dangers of drug abuse.”