Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Sheriff Warns Of Scam Callers Posing as Sheriff’s Office Employees

Sheriff Mitch Ralston Reports:

The Sheriff’s Office has received a number of reports from residents as having received suspicious telephone calls from persons purporting themselves to be Sheriff’s Office employees. The scam number is 706-406-2756 which is NOT A SHERIFF’S OFFICE NUMBER. If the number is called, the automated attendant sounds authentic. (The Gordon County Sheriff’s Office does not use an automated attendant during business hours.). The callers have been reported to use the names of some actual Sheriff’s Office employees, which are available through public records. Anyone receiving a telephone call from this number should hang up immediately and not engage in conversations. Also, the Sheriff’s Office does not collect fines or solicit funds via telephone in any manner whatsoever. The Sheriff’s Office does not serve arrest warrants by telephone. Detectives assigned to this matter have determined that the calls are placed from a non-traceable telephone. Sheriff Ralston reminds citizens to never provide personal or financial information to unknown callers.