Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Sheriff’s Auxiliary Buys Body Armor for K9 ‘Lolly’

Sheriff Mitch Ralston Reports:

The Sheriff’s Auxiliary recently purchased body armor (‘bulletproof vest’) for GCSO K9 ‘Lolly’. ‘Lolly’ is trained to sniff out illegal drugs, and is also trained to track persons. She has been instrumental in many drug-related investigations and arrests, and has also been used on numerous occasions to search for both fugitives and missing persons. The acquisition of the body armor will help keep Lolly safe in potentially hostile environments. She is shown here with her ‘partner’ (handler) Sergeant J.R. Powell. The Auxiliary is an organization of community-minded citizens, formed in 2009, who support the Office of Sheriff, the GCSO staff, and contribute to local charities.